HRD CORP launc Nation’s first industrys-based microcreditial initiativefor Malaysians

  • April 15, 2022
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HRD CORP launc Nation’s first industrys-based microcreditial initiativefor Malaysians

Kuala Lumpur, 13 April 2022 – Human Resource Development Corporation (HRD Corp) has launched its HRD Corp Microcredential initiative through a collaboration between the Ministry of Human Resources and Ministry of Higher Education.

This is the first comprehensive industry-based micro-credential in the country that will assist Malaysians across all backgrounds to obtain stackable certifications through short-term learning. These certifications or credentials will enable learners to acquire officially recognised qualifications through personalised learning pathways.

The HRD Corp Microcredential initiative was jointly launched by the Minister of Human Resources, Datuk Seri M. Saravanan and Minister of Higher Education, Datuk Seri Dr. Noraini Ahmad. HRD Corp Microcredential will be delivered through guidelines set by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and the Department of Skills Development (DSD).

Currently, the HRD Corp Microcredential initiative holds the largest repository of courses in the country, with 10,000 courses across 24 skill areas. It aims to create 50,000 micro-credential training places for Malaysians by the end of 2022. Over 3 million micro-credential training places will be added within the next five years.

This will be done through a combination of courses offered by training providers, industry players, professional bodies, and higher learning institutions. Additionally, all HRD Corp-registered training courses will be converted into micro-credential courses by June 2022. However, exemptions will be given for certain training programmes based on course structure.

Speaking at the launch event, Datuk Seri M. Saravanan said, “The HRD Corp Microcredential initiative supports the ministry’s vision of enabling Malaysian talents to embrace lifelong learning and embark on continuous professional skills development. The acceleration of digital transformation in Malaysia and

round the world has opened up opportunities for anyone to upskill and embrace non-traditional career pathways and trajectories. Therefore, it is important that we offer Malaysians the flexibility and ability to learn and obtain formal qualifications in ways that are best suited to their needs, skills, and experience. I am pleased that the Ministry of Human Resources and Ministry of Higher Education are able to work together in making this initiative a reality, and I hope that Malaysian talents will take advantage of the courses available to strengthen their skills and competitive edge.”

To ensure that all micro-credential courses under this initiative meet industry standards and adhere to the Guidelines to Good Practices on Micro-credentials by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), HRD Corp has also established the HRD Corp Microcredential Framework that will determine the quality, credibility and suitability of all courses submitted for credit-bearing purposes. The framework will be jointly recognised by MQA and DSD to ensure that courses offered through the initiative can be scaled up to the wider industry.

Datuk Seri Dr. Noraini said, “The Ministry of Higher Education is committed to working with HRD Corp and the Ministry of Human Resources in providing end-to-end support to Malaysian students and working professionals in developing their knowledge and capabilities. The HRD Corp Microcredential initiative can act as a bridging mechanism that links higher education institutions and industries in Malaysia. This can empower our talents to take charge of their career paths, support tertiary education institutions to develop graduates that meet industry expectations, and eventually address the critical skill gaps in Malaysia, in the future.”

To date, the HRD Corp Microcredential initiative offers courses from a diverse range of industries, including finance and accounting, law, management, leadership, operation management, IR 4.0 and many more.

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