MUDA’s Clarion Call On Labour Day.

  • May 2, 2022
  • 3 min read
MUDA’s Clarion Call On Labour Day.

1 MEI 2022 – May Day or Labour Day is known by millions of people from all walks of life around the world.
The world celebrates this auspicious day in honor of those millions of workers who have died and
struggled at their workplace or even while saving the country from its worst pandemic nightmare.
More than 100 countries around the world celebrate Labour Day as a public holiday and it has been
made mandatory for the organizations of all countries to not work on May Day.
Every year on this day Trade Unions and workers around the globe will march and call on Government
leaders to improve the existing labour laws and streamline its policies on social and safety of workers.
The fight to help close the gaps of poverty for workers who have endlessly struggled and contributed
massively to the country’s economy must remain as an open book.
The upbringing of social and economic importance of workers in our local community must remain
strong as it is a fight we must not miss.

Why the commitment and contribution of the working class is still important to the nation’s growth is
because equal distribution of wealth and fruits of labour as we have seen are never shared equally.
These earnings and benefits made by huge and small corporations must continue to flow to every single
working class citizen and their families.
As we must also continue to enhance labour laws which are too archaic today, new laws must be
penned down in order to protect our workers’ livelihood.
Issues of minimum wage, social protection of Female employees and the safety and health issues at
workplaces must continue to be debated without fail.
Unions and companies must continue to work together and help deliberate employment and workers
issues and even hold open discussions which can help bring better understanding of the workers rights
at large in their workplace..
It is a humanized effort and a social responsibility that must be done from time to time.

As Governments play a pivotal role in ensuring labour laws in the country are improvised, the rights of
workers must always be protected and given priority attention. We have seen how many times issues of
worker’s safety and health are being neglected by these leaders.
The Government must ensure the social protection policies are respected and keep water tight.
As the world is preparing for the end phase of Covid19, we must now help bring the workers and
economy back to its feet.
Thousands of workers have died and lost their jobs during the last two years of Covid-19 pandemic and
such losses must never be forgotten.
There shall be continuous comprehensive social protection provisions, including unemployment
insurance and universal pensions, to ensure that individuals without jobs can also live a dignified life.
We call upon every leader in every political party and our citizens from all walks of life to continue to fight
for equality and improve the livelihoods of our workers and their families for a better nation.
“The struggle and fight must continue”.
Labour Bureau
1 May 2022

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